Attorney Sidney Powell also accuses Bharara of prosecutorial impropriety in conviction of multi-millionaire Billy Walters

By Jerome Corsi

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Why did U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara prosecute Billy Walters?” Infowars.com asked attorney Sidney Powell, a former Assistant U.S. attorney and Appellate Section Chief whose 2014 book Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, is an exposé of prosecutorial impropriety she maintains runs rampant today among Department of Justice prosecutors, including Bharara, as well as among the lawyers recruited to Special Counselor Mueller’s team.

“Because Billy Walters was a famous and hugely successful sports gambler,” Powell answered. “Because he was a multi-million-dollar investor who owned a $17 million-dollar private jet. Because Preet Bharara had suffered a series of appeals court set-backs and he valued bagging Billy Walters so he could have a new trophy to put on his wall.”

Powell explained she was not shocked at the Infowars.com exposé that Preet Bharara first convicted Walters in the press.

She noted that trial judge in Billy Walters case, U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel forced Bharara to admit FBI Special Agent David Chaves had engaged in a systematic pattern of illegally leaking grand jury information against Walters to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, starting two years before Bharara indicted Walters.

“Again, doesn’t surprise me at all that prosecutors and agents in such a high-profile case leaked information,” Powell responded. “Federal prosecutors often try to convict in the press before the indictment or trial.”

“Many top federal law enforcement officials including James Comey – and it appears Robert Mueller as well – are willing to engage in illegal acts to win convictions,” she stressed.  “They convince themselves or believe that someone is guilty of something, and then the end of obtaining any kind of conviction justifies whatever needs to be done to get that conviction.”

She continued: “Bharara, Comey, and Mueller – all three are far too political and have great powers of rationalization.  Some have called them ‘Dirty Cops.’”

Preet Bharara: “The Scourge of Wall Street”

As a result of FBI leaks over a four-year period between FBI Special Agent David Chaves and reporters from the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, stories began to appear in 2014 that implicated Billy Walters in what the newspapers alleged was an FBI investigation into insider trading.

On May 30, 2014, Wall Street Journal reporters Susan Pulliam and Michael Rothfeld published a story with a headline that read as follows: “FEC, SEC Probe Trading of Carl Icahn, Billy Walters, Phil Mikelson.”

The next day, May 31, 2014, the New York Times published an article by reporters Ben Protess and Matthew Goldstein, entitled “Authorities Find Insider Trading Case Tied to Phil Mikelson Is Slow to Take Shape.”

The articles boosted the reputation of Preet Bharara, then U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, increasingly known as the “scourge of Wall Street,” who had won notoriety with a February 2012 cover story in Time Magazine portraying him as the “top cop busting Wall Street.”

Since 2009, when he was first appointed by President Obama to be U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York in Manhattan, Bharara built his career with a series of high-profile political prosecutions, including a conviction against the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver, a Democrat, and the Majority Leader of the State Senate, Dean Skelos, a Republican.

“While we all favor ridding government of corruption, it makes it worse when the prosecution itself is corrupt,” Powell cautioned.

On Nov. 4, 2013, the Washington Post ran a story entitled “Meet Preet Bharara, who just won the biggest insider trading case ever” that put readers who do not typically pay much attention to Wall Street legal intrigue on notice that Bharara was “worth keeping an eye on after his term expires next year”

The case involved Bharara successfully hitting Raj Rajaratnam, the billionaire founder of the Galleon Group hedge fund, with a $157 million fine, after prosecuting him on 14 counts of criminal conspiracy and fraud in a high-visibility case involving co-conspirator Rajat Gupta, the former Managing Director of management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company.

That the Clorox case did not materialize into insider-trading criminal charges did not discourage Bharara from continuing to pursue Billy Walters, even though dropping the Clorox case meant the criminal case against Walters would lack the star appeal of also being able to implicate in the case an investor as famous as Carl Icahn and a professional golfer as famous as Phil Mikelson.

But that did not discourage Bharara.

For two more years, Chaves kept the case alive in the press by continuing to leak information to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, until finally, Bharara cobbled together a case to indict Walters for trades Walters made in Dean Foods, a leading U.S. milk distributor.

Appeals Court stalls Bharara steam-roller

Powell added that Bharara’s determination to convict Walters at any cost was likely fueled also by setbacks he had begun getting in his insider trading convictions, involving reversals from U.S. Courts of Appeal that brought into question both Bharara’s effectiveness as a prosecutor and the legality of his prosecutorial tactics.

“Bharara, Comey, and Mueller all suffer from the same problem,” Powell stressed. “There is little the three won’t do, including ignoring the law, to obtain a high-profile conviction.  After Bharara suffered two insider cases overturned by the U.S. Court of Appeals, he was desperate to convict somebody, and with the help of FBI Agent Chaves, Bharara managed to cook up a case by bending the rules to win against Billy Walters.”

On Dec. 10, 2014, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit reversed two insider trading cases that Bharara had prosecuted, tarnishing his reputation as an effective federal prosecutor.

The first case involved Todd Newman, a portfolio manager at Diamondback Capital Management, and Anthony Chiasson, a portfolio manager at Level Global Investors, who Bharara had convicted for participating in an insider trading scheme allegedly trading securities on inside information obtained by a group of securities analysts.

“We agree that the jury instruction was erroneous because we conclude that, in order to sustain a conviction for insider trading, the Government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the tippee knew that an insider disclosed confidential information and that he did so in exchange for a personal benefit,” the Court of Appeals decided.  The point was that Bharara had failed to provide sufficient evidence to sustain a guilty plea against Newman and Chiasson.

This appellate court decision also imperiled a milestone insider trader conviction Bharara obtained against Michael Steinberg of SAC Capital – another conviction the Court of Appeals felt need to be overturned because Bharara had steered Steinberg’s case to Judge Richard J. Sullivan, the same judge who had handled the cases of Newman and Chiasson, because Bharara believed Judge Sullivan would give the Steinberg jury the same flawed jury instruction he had given the jury at the trial of Newman and Chiasson.

Sidney Powell served in the Department of Justice for ten years in Texas and Virginia and has devoted her private practice to federal appeals for the past twenty years.  She was the youngest Assistant United States Attorney in the country and the youngest elected Fellow of the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers, for which she also served as President.  She has been lead counsel in more than 500 appeals for the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, resulting in more than 180 published opinions, and was President of the Bar Association of the Fifth Federal Circuit.

This is the fourth in a series of exclusive Infowars.com reports detailing how government impropriety in U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s Manhattan office prosecution of William T. Walters has contaminated Special Counselor Robert Mueller’s “Russia Collusion” investigation – another FBI-driven investigation plagued by a systematic pattern of illegal leaking to the press.

 The first article, entitled “Why U.S. Attorney’s Criminal Leaks Threaten to Derail Mueller’s Russia Probe: FBI special agent leaked secret grand jury info to New York Times and Washington Post,” was published last on Oct. 12, 2017, and can be read here.

 The second article, entitled “Obama Lawyer Hid FBI Leaking to Get Insider Trading Conviction; Under Bharara, FBI in New York systematically leaked grand jury secrets to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal,” was published Monday, Oct. 16, 2017, and can be read here.

 The third article, entitled “Obama Prosecutor Used FBI Leaks to Plant ‘Fake News’ in Insider Trading Case: Mainstream media reported as true FBI leaks about Bharara’s fishing expedition,” was published Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017, and can be read here.

from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/james-comey-robert-mueller-all-guilty-of-prosecutorial-improprieties-says-former-asst-us-attorney/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/10/19/james-comey-robert-mueller-all-guilty-of-prosecutorial-improprieties-says-former-asst-us-attorney/


Guccifer 2.0 Not A Russian Hacker

Both during and after my recent interrogation by the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, democratic members of that Committee repeated again the false claim that a blogger who calls himself Guccifer 2.0 is a known Russian asset.

By Roger Stone

While our politicized intelligence agencies insist this is a fact, much of the known evidence is to the contrary.

The Deep State chorus repeating this falsehood over and over again makes it no truer than the discredited notion that the DNC was hacked at all, and that the Russians did it.

The Nation magazine recently reported on a study issued by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which is a group comprised of numerous former high-level US intelligence officials. Based upon the VIPS study, The Nation concluded that, “There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5, 2016… not by the Russians and not by anyone else.” Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak; a download executed locally with a memory key or a similarly portable data storage device. In short, they reported it was an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. This casts serious doubt on the initial alleged hack claim that led to the very consequential publication of a large store of documents on WikiLeaks last summer.

Additionally, these unproven allegations have led to a frivolous lawsuit filed by former Obama administration lawyers against me and the Trump campaign. In my motion to dismiss this harassment law suit by some Obama-blessed front group “Protect Our Democracy”, I submitted a sworn declaration by Dr. Virgil Griffith, a cognitive computer graduate from the California Institute of Technology, who questioned the unproven assumptions that Russian hackers are responsible for theft of DNC emails and other data.

In their zeal to bring down the Trump administration, and anyone connected with it, the DNC might have crossed a bridge too far in their scorched earth campaign.  They attempted every tried-and-true dirty trick, every narrative manipulation, and even down right media collusion, to no avail.  For a group of people who had heretofore been able to do anything, to anyone, at any time of their choosing, this was too much to bear.  Suddenly confronted with the legitimate possibility of losing their power, potentially forever, it appears they resorted to desperate measures.  The old adage is true: desperate people do desperate things.

Confronted with a real hacker exploiting Hillary Clinton’s homebrew email server, and the leaks of confidential and damaging emails between Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal regarding Benghazi from the original Guccifer, it appears the DNC decided to fight fire with fire.  If the Guccifer story could harm the Hillary campaign, perhaps a Guccifer 2.0 story could help her.

In order to make sense of what is surely a complicated scheme, it is most helpful that we undertake a historical review:

On June 12th, 2016, Julian Assange of Wikileaks announced on an ITV televised interview that “We have upcoming leaks in relation to Hillary Clinton which are great … and pending publication.”  At this point, the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, and Crowd Strike, a DNC paid contractor, knew a damage control campaign would be required immediately.

On June 14th, 2016, the DNC released a statement explaining that they’d made the discovery that their servers had been hacked.  Among the trove of documents claimed to be purloined, they make specific and unusual mention of a document or documents related to “Trump Opposition Research”.

On the same day, June 14th, DNC paid contractor Crowd Strike released a report on malware they found on a DNC server during an investigation a month earlier in May of 2016.  They reported that the evidence suggested that the malware was injected by the Russians., but provided no detailed specifics of this evidence.

The next day, on June 15th, a person or persons using the name of a hacker who was recently in the news (the original Guccifer was in court the previous month) steps forward calling themselves Guccifer 2.0 and claimed responsibility for the DNC hack.  Guccifer 2.0 affirms the DNC statement and claims to be the source for Wikileaks.  They post five documents purposefully tainted with ‘Russian Metadata Fingerprints’ and the first of the documents just happened to the “Trump Opposition Research” the DNC announced on the previous day.

Very shortly after Guccifer 2.0 makes its announcement, Gawker, The Smoking Gun, and ArsTechnica all publish articles relating to the DNC hack and focus not on the hack itself, but rather on the Trump opposition file, all on the same day, June 15th.

On June 17th Gawker, ThreatConnect, and The Smoking Gun publish articles that suggest hacked DNC data contains personal donor information including “names, emails, and cell phone numbers”.

On June 18th Guccifer 2.0 announces that it has new documents from the DNC network, including financial reports and donor personal data including “names, emails, and private cell phone numbers.”

On June 20th Guccifer 2.0 makes a point to post that it is the lone hacker of the DNC and promises a dossier on Hillary Clinton from the DNC.

On June 21st, Guccifer 2.0 releases a blog entry titled “Dossier on Hillary Clinton from the DNC”, which is nothing more than links to widely circulated and non-classified documents related to the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

On June 22nd, Wikileaks begins publishing the DNC emails.  That same day Guccifer 2.0 takes credit for the leak.

Later that day, still on the 22nd of June, Guccifer 2.0 then posts that it will speak to anyone over Direct Message on Twitter.  The next day, on June 23rd, a VICE journalist Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai takes up the offer, conducts an interview, and publishes an article titled Why Does DNC Hacker ‘Guccifer 2.0’ Talk Like This? which includes language analysis assessments from three experts.

Over the next few days Guccifer seems to bask in its newfound fame and spends time creating a Guccifer 2.0 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) blog post.  It makes a point to wish everyone a happy Independence Day on the 4th of July.

While not specifically part of the Guccifer 2.0 history, at this point anyway, it is worth mentioning in the timeline that it was on July 10th that Seth Rich was murdered.

Guccifer remains active on Twitter, suggesting that its getting ready to publish information, but nothing comes of it.

Within a few days a deluge of articles from Vocative, The Hill, ThreatConnect, TAIA Global, and The Smoking Gun start announcing that Guccifer 2.0 is likely a Russian, perhaps even Russian government affiliated, even though Guccifer 2.0 says plainly at the top of its blog that it is Romanian.

On August 5, 2016 I published my conclusions on Breitbart News that Guccifer 2.0 was not a Russian hacker and, based on its statements, it was indeed responsible for the hack of the DNC. As I told the House Intelligence Committee, I have revised that view and now believe there was no hacking, never mind a hack perpetrated by the Russians

Shortly thereafter, Guccifer 2.0 tweets “@RogerJStoneJr thanks that u believe in the real #Guccifer2” at 10:23 PM on August 12, 2016.

I actually initiated our brief and now entirely public exchange. I had seen on Twitter that Guccifer 2.0 has been suspended from the platform. I Tweeted in protest of the suspension, as I hate censorship. I also noted when Guccifer 2.0 was reinstated, offering congratulations in the first of the series of benign, innocent and even banal exchanges. Not exactly 007 stuff. This was weeks after Wikileaks had already posted the DNC-Clinton material.

The two Twitter Direct Message communications between myself and the Guccifer 2.0 Twitter account occurred on August 15th and again on August 17th. These conversations were innocuous and the full contents of which have been fully revealed to the public.  An additional attempt was made by Guccifer 2.0 to have a DM talk with me on September 9th, but my side of the conversation consisted merely of a request to repost a link, which Guccifer 2.0 agreed to do. I regularly would make re-Tweet requests of many correspondents who have particularly large followings on Twitter or Facebook as a way to get my own message and writings out.

On September 13th, Guccifer 2.0 released the infamous NGP/VAN zip file, which becomes the source of a series of debunking exercises, the results of which are discussed later in this article.

Over the next couple of months, Guccifer 2.0 releases documents it claimed it used hacks and exploits to obtain, including a dossier on Democratic Congressman Ben Ray Lujan.  The dossier is harmless.  Guccifer then makes the bold claim that it hacked the Clinton Foundation and then posts a selection of documents that are claimed to have come from the hack.

A few days before the 2016 US Presidential Election, on November 4th, 2016, Guccifer 2.0 makes its last posts of the year.  Guccifer 2.0 makes a half-hearted offer to be a hacker poll watcher on election day.  The account stays dark until January 12th, 2017, more than two months later.

Throughout the course of Guccifer 2.0’s public communications, it made a variety of substantial claims.  These claims will now be investigated in more detail before we move on to motive and intent, as well as the conflicting evidence.

Guccifer 2.0’s most substantive claim was that it hacked the DNC’s servers.  He stated in his VICE interview that he breached the server using a “Zero-day exploit of NGP-VAN.”  While the report from ThreatConnect made the erroneous assessment that Guccifer 2.0 is a collective of Russians, the report did reveal some very useful facts that served to debunk Guccifer 2.0’s claims, including that he hacked the DNC server.  Unfortunately, it is now necessary to delve into some technical lingo, it is important for the sake of understanding what went on.  For the sake of our less technical readers, an ultra-brief primer is presented below.

A Local Area Network (LAN) is a group of computers that are connected together by hard wires or Wi-Fi connections.  A group of computers on a LAN can communication with each other, but with no other computers or computer networks (including the Internet) unless going through a security device or gateway.  These security devices are most often called Firewalls, a term familiar to most readers, and can be hardware, software, or both.  The DNC server in question is a computer that resides on the DNC LAN, inside of the DNC headquarters building in Washington, D.C. Any communication with the DNC server must go through the DNC LAN, and if coming from the Internet, through the DNC security devices and/or gateways.

NGP VAN is an American voter database, IT consulting, online fundraising, and new media technology company based out of Washington, D.C.  They have a series of web based tools that allow progressive (explicitly not conservative!) campaigns and organizations to leverage technology to meet their goals.  In 2009, they were the largest partisan provider of campaign compliance software, used by most Democratic members of Congress.  The Wall Street Journal said of them “NGP VAN is something of a secret weapon for the Democratic Party and the labor unions and progressive groups that use it.”  The primary products from NGP-Van are MiniVan, a mobile canvasing tool for voter contact and data collection, VoteBuilder, a campaign persuasion and get-out-the vote web tool, and NGP, a web based platform for digital engagement tracking, fundraising, and compliance reporting.  NGP is used by nearly every Democratic campaign running for federal office, is a set of web based applications, and is hosted on NGP-Van servers and controlled by NGP Van in their own facilities.  NGP VAN also has released a set of programming interfaces called their Innovation Platform, that allows software engineers to access NGP functionality directly.  All of NGP systems are web based and have zero direct interaction with the DNC LAN.

A Zero-Day exploit is a software vulnerability that is unknown to those most interested in mitigating the vulnerability, including the vulnerable software creators.  Hackers exploit the vulnerabilities to adversely affect the target computers, programs, data, and if possible, gain access to the wider Local Area Network.

Armed with these few technical terms, we can easily see that what Guccifer 2.0 was claiming is in fact gobbledygook.  Translated another way, Guccifer 2.0 claims that he used an unknown software vulnerability of a COMPANY (not a product), whose products have no direct connection to the DNC LAN, to bypass the DNC LAN security devices, and access the DNC server.  It is for this reason that ThreatConnect correctly discredits the breach by saying “As it stands now, none of the Guccifer 2.0 breach details can be independently verified.”

The second most substantive claim by Guccifer 2.0 was that he was the source of the DNC emails.  He claimed as much, multiple times.  He made a point of mentioning Wikileaks during the purposeful destruction of his own reputation on October 4th, 2016, when he did not post any interesting data with the excuse the databases were “too large. I’m looking for a better way to release them now.”  The “better way” never came, no further data was ever released.  He made these dubious claims a full seventy-three days after the last large data dump came from Wikileaks, which he said he sourced. His Clinton Foundation hack claim was discredited when all the files he posted, turned out to be from previous leaks or from public domain documents.  Ultimately, Guccifer 2.0 never produced anything from the Clinton Foundation verifying a hack, nor has the Clinton Foundation confessed to being hacked.

It is important to remember that Julian Assange stated numerous times that the emails were leaked, rather than hacked, in persistent contradiction with Guccifer 2.0’s claims.  To this day, there is nothing independently verifying Guccifer 2.0’s claims that he hacked the DNC servers.  One final note on the DNC servers, reflect upon why the DNC refused to hand over their ‘hacked server’ to the FBI, claiming that their private firm, Crowd Strike, certified that everything was A-OK and that it was ‘The Russians!’

Speaking of Seth Rich, how the House Intelligence Committee ignores the YouTube interview with Assange, from which the except below was extracted, I don’t know.


“Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material, and often very significant risks. There’s a twenty-seven-year-old, works for the DNC, shot in the back, murdered [Seth Rich], just two weeks ago, for unknown reasons, as he was walking down the street in Washington, so-“


“That was just a robbery, I believe, wasn’t it?”


“No, there’s no finding. So-“


“What are you suggesting? What are you suggesting?”


“I’m suggesting that our sources take risks, and they are, they become concerned to see things occurring like that-“


“But was he one of your sources? I mean-“


‘We don’t comment on our sources-“


‘So, why make the suggestion? About a young guy being shot on the streets of Washington?’


“Because we have to understand how high the stakes are. In the United States. And that our sources, are…face serious risks, that’s why they come to us, to protect their anonymity.


“But it’s quite something to suggest a murder, that’s basically what you’re doing.”


Well, others have suggested that. We are investigating to understand what happened, in that situation, with Seth Rich. I think it is a concerning situation, there’s not a conclusion yet, we wouldn’t be willing to state a conclusion, but we are concerned about it. More importantly, a variety of Wikileaks sources are concerned when that kind of thing happens.”

What is it Mr. Assange is saying?

The high probability now is that there was no hack of the DNC and that their information was downloaded to something as simple as a thumb drive and spirited out the back door– Most likely by Mr. Rich, who would’ve known of the DNC’s on- going to efforts to cheat Sen. Bernie Sanders by manipulating the party rules to help Hillary.

Now that we’ve dissected some of the technical aspects of Guccifer 2.0’s claims, let’s now investigate what we know about the Guccifer 2.0 persona.

Guccifer 2.0 claims to be Romanian, as is clearly stated at the top of its blog.  News reports have focused upon various facts to support their assertions that Guccifer 2.0 is Russian, but each of these facts was created by deliberate calculated choices made by Guccifer 2.0.  It could have named its computer account anything, but it opted to name the account after the founder of the Soviet Secret Police.  It didn’t have to create/open and then save the documents to encode a Russian name into the document Metadata, it chose to do so.

You have to believe that smart hackers are better at covering their steps. A talented hacker would never use his home country IP address, but Guccifer chose to use a Russian VPN service instead.  It could have used an encrypted email service but instead used a public web-based email service that forwarded its Russian VPN IP address.  All of these choices, when put together, seem a rather ham-handed attempted to scream ‘RUSSIA!’.

Aside from the self-promoted, unverified claims, Guccifer 2.0’s actions have had very little actual impact.  It has released no new ‘secret’ documents, the only exception being the apparent leaking of a couple of hundred email addresses and contact numbers for Democrat donors.  Data readily available to the DNC.

When I testified for the House Intelligence Committee, several members insisted an analysis of Guccifer 2.0’s speech pattern indicated he is Russian. This is the same Intelligence community that perpetuated the bogus claim that Guccifer 2.0 left Russian markers on some computer servers. In fact, Guccifer 2.0’s use of “told”, “tell”, “say”, “said”, and definite/indefinite article use, as well as command of prepositions, expose Guccifer 2.0 as being someone that natively speaks in English. The terminology and phrasing that has been used in much of Guccifer 2.0’s informal communications also points to a native English speaker clumsily and irregularly using a hokey fake Russian accent reminiscent of a bad Hollywood movie.

What is intriguing about the ‘Russian Metadata’ tainted documents, appear to be mistakes made by the person or persons portraying Guccifer 2.0.  In some of the documents, specifically the ones that had been created/opened and saved to inject the “Russian Metadata’ into the file, another piece of metadata was injected too:

Created by Warren Flood on 15th of June at 13:38

Modified byФеликс Эдмундович on 15th of June at 14:08

Who is Warren Flood?

We want to be clear that we do not accuse Warren Flood of conducting any of the acts attributed to Guccifer 2.0, more so, analysis of writings attributed to Warren Flood when compared to those of Guccifer 2.0 show subtle but marked differences suggesting the pieces were written by different individuals.  What the data does suggest, however, is that the files were manipulated on a computer where a Warren Flood’s account was logged in when that computer had Microsoft Word initially installed.  Such computers existed, at the time of the Guccifer 2.0 activity, at the White House, and members of Vice President Joe Biden’s staff.

Back to Warren.  Who is he that he could have installed software on a White House computer?  It turns out that Mr. Flood includes in his LinkedIn profile that he currently works at Bright Blue Data LLC, a firm that specializes in progressive political data.  His past work history, however, is more telling:  Obama for America, Democratic National Committee, and The White House – Executive Office of the President.

He was Joe Biden’s technical director, and had easy access to the physical White House as well as the DNC HQ Building in Washington D.C.

While we have no way to ascertain if Flood was the author, it is almost certain that someone used a PC or laptop that Warren had previously installed Microsoft Word on, while he was working at his previous jobs.  Whoever created the Trump Opposition File that Guccifer 2.0 provided to the media, would have had to have access to former (current for the time) White House or Joe Biden staff computers.  What it is clearly NOT, is Russians.

Going back to June 12th, when Julian Assange announced that WikiLeaks would be releasing Clinton’s emails.  At that time, Hillary Clinton was still under an FBI investigation, and Trump was bashing her use of her private email server while his supporters chanted “Lock Her Up! Lock Her Up!” at all of the Trump rallies.

The DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign were in a desperate position.  They needed something, anything, that would call into question the reputation of Wikileaks.  Like an on-time delivery, Guccifer 2.0 appears days later, telling lies and attaching himself to Wikileaks even as Wikileaks disavows it continuously.  Coincidently, the most inflammatory piece of data Guccifer 2.0 releases is the Trump Opposition Report, something that moved the narrative away from Clinton’s email crimes and onto Russian prostitute urine fantasies.  How incredibly convenient for Team DNC.

The only ones to factually have had access to the DNC servers are members, contractors, consultants, and employees of the DNC.  Once such person who had unfettered access was Seth Rich.  Seth Rich was murdered on July 10th.  It is notable that no verified hacks or leaks of the scale of the Wikileaks DNC data dump occurred after this date.

Using Occam’s Razor, reviewing intent, capacity for execution, beneficiaries, and losers, we can see that the DNC itself stood most to gain from Guccifer 2.0’s activities.  Would a real hacker stop a couple of days before Hillary’s historic loss?  We think not.

While we have before bought into technobabble that we did not fully understand and took at face value the mainstream media’s claim that Guccifer 2.0 was a Russian hacker, today I’m more inclined to believe it was another dirty trick from the DNC’s Deep State bag of Dirty Tricks, and my guess is they are not yet done.

from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/guccifer-2-0-not-a-russian-hacker/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/10/12/guccifer-2-0-not-a-russian-hacker/

Roger Stone: The Real Reason Why Sen. Corker Resigned

  • In May 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI and the SEC were investigating Bob Corker and CBL & Associates, a REIT based in Corker’s hometown of Chattanooga owned by Corker’s former employers turned major donors. According to the report, federal officials were examining CBL’s billing practices and Corker’s dozens of lucrative stock trades over a period of several years, collectively worth tens of millions of dollars. While they have not commented publicly on the case, federal investigators have looked into whether Corker’s trades may have been based on inside information.
  • Interest in Corker’s personal finances first emerged in late 2015, when the Journal reported on a series of contradictions and apparent omissions in Corker’s personal financial disclosures over the course of nearly a decade. Often, he failed to declare income that he appeared to derive. In other cases, he failed to indicate when he had acquired or sold certain assets. Ultimately, Corker filed amended disclosures with the Senate Ethics Committee, which revealed millions of dollars in previously undeclared assets.
  • Some of the transactions in question involved CBL, but they were not the only firm with long ties to Corker where he appears to have hidden the degree of his involvement. Corker also invested in two Chattanooga hedge funds called Pointer Management and TSWII, which like CBL were founded by longtime donors and friends of Corker. As with CBL, there is concern—and at least some circumstantial evidence—that privileged information that Corker obtains as a Senator could be used to influence the funds’ investment positions.
  • Corker’s investments in Pointer were the subject of a recent Yahoo Finance article, which revealed that the fund had made tens of millions of dollars in profit, if not more, shorting the housing market in 2007. Corker was joined in his Pointer investment by fellow Senator Mark Warner. Beyond the unseemliness of Senators making exorbitant profits off of the collapse of the US financial system, the article also noted that Corker and Warner sought to radically reshape the housing finance market in a landmark bill they proposed in 2013. The Corker-Warner bill did not pass, but it has become a blueprint for subsequent proposals to eliminate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • Corker’s controversial relationships with business leaders from his hometown include another key example: Henry Luken. Best known as a communications magnate, Luken acquired the lion’s share of Corker’s failing real estate empire from him in 2006, while Corker was running for Congress and just before the credit crunch sparked by the financial crisis. As a result of the sale of the highly leveraged assets, Corker not only avoided the subsequent calamity, but he was given the liquidity he urgently needed to fund his own campaign: He subsequently let himself approximately $4.2 million, which accounted for nearly a quarter of all his spending, in the weeks before his primary and his general election win, enough to secure him a narrow margin of victory against Democratic opponent Harold Ford.


While one can only speculate about what might have been, it is not a stretch to say that without Luken’s bailout, Corker might not have won his race.

  • While in the Senate, Corker has pursued a series of agenda items that have advanced Luken’s business interests. He sent letters to the FCC urging regulatory changes that would protect the profits of Luken’s scores of low-power TV stations and broadcast networks. Corker co-sponsored multiple bills that would benefit Luken’s telecom businesses. Corker also spent years as mayor and senator encouraging Volkswagen to build a massive plant in Chattanooga, which inflated the value of several of Luken’s nearby properties.
  • After Luken took control of Corker’s struggling properties, he was initially unable to find a bank that would refinance their subprime mortgages, which had originally been taken out by Corker. When the loans on properties now owned by Luken were called in, he was only able to secure two six-month extensions, until Wells Fargo agreed to refinance more than $28 million of the debt in March 2010.
  • Wells Fargo’s lending agreement with Luken, which came at a time when other banks would not extend new financing because of the post-crisis credit crunch, was a huge boon to Corker and Luken alike. Thanks to the loan, Luken avoided insolvency. As the original borrower, Corker likely maintained a contingent liability on the properties, meaning inability to roll over the loans was a threat to his financial well-being as well.
  • This was not the only favorable treatment Corker has received from Wells Fargo, which he also oversees as a member of the Senate Banking Committee. Days after Corker sank between $2 and $10 million in a proposed Mobile, Alabama shopping center, the bank announced it would finance the project. Wells Fargo has long been the primary financier of CBL, and the firm’s owners credited the banks for allowing them to weather the financial crisis, which also allowed Corker to retain value in his multi-million-dollar investments. Corker invests hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in his campaign war chest with a fund owned by a former Wells executive named Aon Miller.
  • Corker’s unusual pattern of highly lucrative foreign stock trades has also raised eyebrows and raises questions about whether he might be exploiting his work on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Corker made 92 trades (which were cumulatively worth up to $945,000) in the stocks of 29 foreign companies from January 2014 to April 2014. While some of these firms are well known, many would be anonymous to American investors, such as a French REIT called Unibail-Radamco and an Oslo chemical firm known as Yara International.
  • Corker’s hold time was extremely short in every case. He sold the stocks after an average of slightly more than three months and held onto none for even five months. The trades were also extraordinarily profitable—nearly 80% were winners. Corker traveled to many of the countries where these companies are located, and as chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he often received detailed breakdowns of their economic issues, include material non-public information that would be high interest for investors.
  • This willingness to use public office for his own personal benefit which has come to the attention of federal investigators has been a theme of Corker’s career dating back to his first elected position, as mayor of Chattanooga from 2001 to 2006. Critics complained that he changed city zoning and environmental rules to boost the value of multiple properties he owed. Corker also appears to have directed city business to his friends; for instance, under his watch Pointer Management began to manage investments for city pension funds.

from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/roger-stone-the-real-reason-why-sen-corker-resigned/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/10/11/roger-stone-the-real-reason-why-sen-corker-resigned/

Roger Stone Reviews Whiplash!

Even some pinko-lefties might get something out of this one because they would better understand the libertarian component of American conservatism.

Roger Stone reviews Whiplash! From JFK to Donald Trump, A Political Odyssey by Arnold L. Steinberg by Arnold L. Steinberg 

**This is a special discount for Stone Cold Truth Readers**

My detractors likely will boycott any book I endorse. That’s probably because mostly the books I push are my own. Not really. Every so often, I insist you buy someone else’s book, like this one: Whiplash! From JFK to Donald Trump, a Political Odyssey by Arnold L. Steinberg.

First, check out the title. I can’t say that I knew JFK. But I do know Donald Trump and Arnie Steinberg and this book got it right.

JFK would be persona non grata in today’s Democrat Party. At home JFK favored tax cuts to stimulate the economy; abroad he favored a strong national defense against communism. Trump is a tax cutter who, like JFK, wants to “get America moving again.” And Trump backs the military to kick ass against radical Islamists. Unlike Democrats today, JFK was a true pro-American patriot who believed in this country. So does Donald Trump, but Trump is not an indiscriminate nation builder. That’s where the Bushies and their fellow travelers went wrong.

I’m from New York and was a volunteer in the 1970 campaign to elect Jim Buckley U.S. Senator, and I recall with glee Jim Buckley’s victory, in large part the handiwork of Arnie Steinberg, with whom I would work a couple of years later when I was at the Committee to Re-elect the President (Richard Nixon), and Arnie, three years older than I (but still very young) was helping run Sen. Buckley’s office on Capitol Hill.

Arnie was close to the Buckleys, notably the godfather of the conservative movement, Wm. F. Buckley, Jr., and Bill Buckley had written a book back in 1954 contending that the critics of Sen. Joe McCarthy were more guilty of excess than McCarthy; Bill Buckley, starting with that research, formed a life-long friendship with McCarthy’s aide Roy Cohn, who I got to know quite well. Much maligned, to be sure, of Roy’s name in certain precincts in Manhattan, gets teeth gnashing and spit flying.

Roy introduced me to Donald Trump, who adopted Roy’s “never settle, countersue” approach. I mention all this because of Bill Buckley’s National Review, which tried to crush Trump during the primaries, is a shadow of its influence during Buckley’s heyday. And I agree with Arnie’s conclusion in the book, that in the general election, Bill Buckley would have backed Trump. And it may even be that NR’s political savvy publisher, and Bill Rusher a political conservative with a populist, streak despite his own background would have backed Trump even during the primaries.

Pre-Buckley, Arnie had been immersed in the tumultuous fighting against the leftist thugs on campus. In this new book, he compares the leftist devotees of Herbert Marcuse in the 1960s with the politically correct malcontents of today. But there’s more in this very unusual book, with a novel style, equally political…(a) autobiography and history, (b) philosophy and ideas, and (c) insights and a campaign manual.

Though Arnie is known as a master political strategist, often behind the scenes, he never sold out to the Republican Establishment. I still must atone for my years as a Washington lobbyist. So it’s fitting that I write this review on Yom Kippur.

I now know the enemy. But Arnie was always skeptical of, even hostile to, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Tobacco Institute, and the crony capitalists. His suspicion of Wall Street started when the financial establishment opposed Jim Buckley’s election in 1970, and then, according to Arnie, after Jim Buckley’s victory, the Wall Street whores sent campaign checks pre-dated before the election.

This book has lots of new information you won’t read elsewhere, certainly not in the mainstream media. And whether you’ve been around for a long time, or you’re new to politics, or you just want a book for your grandchild in college, this interesting read explains, in an anecdotal way, how the conservative movement developed, and all its factions.

Read this, and you’ll understand how conservatives – not liberals — were behind ending the draft in this country, and how they continue to lead the movement for criminal justice reform. Yes, conservatives – including the late Bill Buckley – wanted to end the ridiculous War on Drugs and decriminalize marijuana. And the true conservatives are more into Main Street than Wall Street.

Read this book. Don’t watch Don Lemon and his CNN colleagues. They are CLUELESS about what “Left” and “Right” are. And when they keep calling people who believe in liberty “fascists,” you know they are screwed up. And they sure got it wrong about Trump.

Arnie was one of the first to see that Trump could win the Republican nomination, partly because he knew the sycophants running the opposition campaign. Just after Jeb Bush announced, Arnie predicted Bush had no chance to win, the same with Scott Walker, and some of the others. And Arnie provided behind the scenes counsel to Trump’s general election campaign against Hillary.

This is a very unusual book because the author uses his personal journey as a way to understand contemporary political history, especially the American conservative movement, and traditional, libertarian and populist divisions. My only complaint is that although Arnie goes after the sellouts in the intelligence community, and he is no fan of the CIA, where I instinctively see conspiracies, Arnie sees mainly bumbling incompetents. Get this book, anyway. (Actually, we’re both right – they are conspiring boobs—see my statement last week before I testified in private before the House Intelligence Committee and that clown Adam Schiff, who Arnie has criticized for Schiff’s sellout on the Iran deal.

Whiplash! is long, with digressions that provide useful context. It’s fascinating and you’ll learn a lot. Read it cover to cover, but don’t loan it to a friend. You may not get it back.

from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/roger-stone-reviews-whiplash/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/10/03/roger-stone-reviews-whiplash/


By Roger Stone

Roger Stone and Gerald Posner, two New York Times bestselling authors who are polar opposites about who killed JFK, join in urging Donald Trump to release all the remaining classified files on Kennedy’s assassination.

About 3,100 files are still sealed in the National Archives. Under the 1992 JFK Records Act, the Archives have until October 26 to decide which of those files to publicly disclose.

Some of the classified documents include a CIA personality study of Oswald, top-secret testimony of former CIA officers to congressional committees, transcripts of interrogations with Soviet defector and Oswald handler Yuri Nosenko, letters about the case from J. Edgar Hoover and Jackie Kennedy, the CIA file on Jack Wasserman, the attorney for New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello, and the operational file of E. Howard Hunt, career spy and Watergate burglar.

Roger Stone, in his bestselling 2013 The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, set forth the case that LBJ was the mastermind of a plot that included the CIA, the Mob and Big Texas Oil to kill Kennedy.

Gerald Posner, in his 1993 bestselling finalist for the Pulitzer for History, Case Closed: Lee Harvey Oswald and the Assassination of JFK concluded that the Warren Commission conclusions are correct and Oswald acting alone had killed Kennedy.

While they might not agree on who killed Kennedy, Stone and Posner are longstanding advocates for the release of all the government files on the assassination.

“These files should have been released long ago,” says Posner. “The government does this all the time, over classified documents and then holds on to them for decades under the guise of ‘national security.’ All the secrecy just feeds people’s suspicions that the government has something to hide and adds fuel to conspiracy theories.” Posner is convinced the case will still be closed when the last document is made public.

”I know CIA Director Pompeo is urging the President to delay the release of these records for another 25 years, said Stone. “They must reflect badly on the CIA even though virtually everyone involved is long dead ” Stone believes the evidence supporting the case in his book is still hidden somewhere in government files.

Both authors called on President Trump – who is empowered to make the final decision should the National Archives or CIA balk on releasing all the files – to opt for transparency.

Contact Stone@stonecoldtruth.com

from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/jfk-foes-unite-for-record-dump/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/jfk-foes-unite-for-record-dump/

Roger Stone To Headline FL Medical Cannabis Conference

The event will feature a keynote address by Trump advisor Roger Stone and Congressman Matt Gaetz.

By Jacob Engels

According to a press release from the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association, the Clermont based group is bringing a physician focused annual conference October 6th-8th.

AMMPA is the nation’s largest medical cannabis physician’s organization, and aims to teach attendees important compliance techniques and how to transition patients from opioids to medical cannabis at next weekend’s conference.

Packed with over 20 physician lead educational seminars, and offering 15.75 AMA PRA CME approved credit hours, hundreds from around the state are expected to gather for the three day event.

“With the passing of Amendment 2 and subsequently Senate Bill 8-A, the framework for the new regulatory structure in Florida was created, however the details of that structure still need to be promulgated in rule by the Department of Health and the Board of Medicine,” said Savara Hastings, Executive Director of the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association.

“Our conference in October will help bridge the triangular gap between physicians, patients, and the Florida Department of Health.”

Congressman Matt Gaetz, who authored the 2014 Medical Marijuana law in Florida will speak about that experience, and his federal legislation that would reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III.

Longtime Trump advisor and NYT bestselling author Roger Stone, a longtime drug reform advocate, will share his ideas about how to help shape the Trump administration’s policy on marijuana in the coming years.

Surterra Wellness, Alternate Health, and Knox Medical are sponsoring the conference, with dozens of other cannabis related businesses and organizations.

AMMPA Chairman and Co-Founder, Dr. Jason Pirozzolo, discussed what sets this conference apart from other national conferences relating to medical marijuana.

“Most medical marijuana conferences offer seminars on how to grow your own marijuana, how to get rich quick, how to make marijuana infused pudding, and how marijuana will both cure cancer AND convince Kim Jong Un to turn over the key to his nuclear weapons at the same time.

The fact is, medical marijuana may have incredible value in the treatment of certain medical conditions, however, we need to proceed vigilantly as more studies need to be completed.”

from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/roger-stone-to-headline-fl-medical-cannabis-conference/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/roger-stone-to-headline-fl-medical-cannabis-conference/

Roger Stone: Official Statement To Congress On Russian Hacking

Roger Stone releases his testimony that will be delivered to the House Intelligence Committee, setting the record straight and debunking the lies concerning Russia.

Good morning Mr. Chairman, Mr. Ranking Member, Committee members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and staff. My name is Roger J. Stone, Jr., and with me today are my counsel, Grant Smith and Robert Buschel.

I am most interested in correcting a number of falsehoods, misstatements, and misimpressions regarding allegations of collusion between Donald Trump, Trump associates, The Trump Campaign and the Russian state. I view this as a political proceeding because a number of members of this Committee have made irresponsible, indisputably, and provably false statements in order to create the impression of collusion with the Russian state

Stone Opening Statement without any evidence that would hold up in a US court of law or the court of public opinion.

I am no stranger to the slash and burn aspect of American politics today. I recognize that because of my long reputation and experience as a partisan warrior, I am a suitable scapegoat for those who would seek to persuade the public that there were wicked, international transgressions in the 2016 presidential election. I have a long history in this business: I strategize, I proselytize, I consult, I electioneer, I write, I advocate, and I prognosticate. I’m a New York Times bestselling author, I have a syndicated radio show and a weekly column, and I report for Infowars.com at 5 o’clock eastern every day.

While some may label me a dirty trickster, the members of this Committee could not point to any tactic that is outside the accepted norms of what political strategists and consultants do today. I do not engage in any illegal activities on behalf of my clients or the causes in which I support.

There is one “trick” that is not in my bag and that is treason. As someone whose political activism was born from the anti-communism of Senator Barry Goldwater and President Ronald Reagan; and whose freedom seeking family members were mowed-down by Russian tanks on the streets of Budapest in 1956, I deeply resent any allegation that I would collude with the oppressive Russian state to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

My colleague, Michael Caputo, voluntarily sat in this seat a couple of months ago, gave what I believe were candid and truthful answers to those who cared to sit in on the interview; and yet, when he was done, he was accused of perjury by a member who did not even have the pretention to show up for his interview. He was eviscerated by some Committee members and consequently, the press.

The most unfair aspect of this turn of events, and behavior by some Committee members, is that this Committee refuses, to this day, to release the transcripts of his testimony for the world to read and judge for themselves.

Roger Stone
Roger Stone

Multiple members of this Committee have made false allegations against me in public session in order to ensure that these bogus charges received maximum media coverage. Now however, you deny me the opportunity to respond to these charges in the same open forum. This is cowardice. Fortunately, we will have the opportunity today to take the exact words of some members of this Committee and examine them in order to uncover the lies.

Members of this Committee as well as some members of the Senate Intelligence Committee aren’t alone in their irresponsibility. On January 20, 2017, the New York Times reported that the intelligence services were in possession of emails, records of financial transactions and transcripts of telephone intercepts, which proved that Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and Carter Page colluded with the Russians for the benefit of Donald Trump. So, where are these records? Can this Committee or our intelligence agencies produce them? I didn’t think so.

Nor, is this irresponsibility entirely partisan. Sen. John McCain told CNN that I “…should be compelled to appear before the Senate to explain my ties to Yanukovych and the Russians.” This is very simple, Senator the answer is: “None” and “None.” In fact, I worked against Yanukovych’s party in the 2006 parliamentary elections in Ukraine, and have no ties to any Russians.

Given this Committee’s consistent refusal to allow me to testify in a public session, in the interest of compromise, I have repeatedly requested that the transcript of mytestimony here today, be released immediately upon conclusion of today’s session. Even this constructive suggestion has been rejected. What is it you fear? Why do you oppose transparency? What is it you don’t want the public to know?

I can assure each of you, I will not let myself be a punching bag for people with ill intentions or political motives. Understand, I will expose the truth in every forum and on every platform available to me.

As a 40- year friend and advisor of Donald Trump, I had continually urged him to run for the presidency, beginning in 1988. When he decided in 2015 to become a serious candidate against a weak slate of opponents, I became one of the Trump campaign’s first consultants, reprising a role I played in 2012 when Donald Trump briefly considered a candidacy in that election. I performed consulting work for the campaign for five months and the consulting relationship ended in August 2015. I, however, didn’t go quietly into the night, I continued to work, write, and advocate on behalf of his candidacy because to this day, I believe he has the potential to be a truly transformative president and to make our nation great again.

These hearings are largely based on a yet unproven allegation that the Russian state is responsible for the hacking of the DNC and John Podesta and the transfer of that information to WikiLeaks. No member of this Committee or intelligence agency can prove this assertion.

Because the DNC steadfastly refused to allow the FBI to examine their computer servers, this entire claim is based on a self-serving report by CloudStrike, a forensic IT company retained by, directed, and paid for by the DNC.
The Nation magazine recently reported on a study issued by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which is comprised of numerous former high-level US intelligence officials. Based upon the VIPS study, The Nation concluded that, “There was no hack of the Democratic National Committee’s system on July 5, 2016… not by the Russians and not by anyone else. Hard science now demonstrates it was a leak- a download executed

locally with a memory key or a similarly portable datastorage device. In short, they reported it was an inside job by someone with access to the DNC’s system. This casts serious doubt on the alleged initial “hack,” that led to the very consequential publication of a large store of documents on WikiLeaks last summer.” Additionally, these unproven allegations have led to a frivolous lawsuit filed by former Obama administration lawyers against me and the Trump campaign. In my motion to dismiss, I submitted a sworn declaration of Dr. Virgil Griffith, a cognitive computer graduate from the California Institute of Technology, who questioned the unproven assumptions that Russian hackers are responsible for theft of DNC emails and other data.

I recognize that those who believe that there was collusion between the Trump camp and the Russian state, now say Stone, “MUST HAVE” been involved, but that is not based on one shred of evidence. This is nothing more than conjecture, supposition, projection, allegation, and coincidence, none of it proven by evidence or fact. I understand the Committee’s interest in me, I use all clauses of the 1st Amendment to achieve my goals, I am out there, I am provocative and partisan, but let’s be clear, I have no involvement in the alleged activities that are within the publicly stated scope of this Committee’s investigation – collusion with the Russian state to affect the outcome of the 2016 election. I have every right to express my views in the public square. I actively participate in matters of great public concern. I also believe, and you should too, my friend, Tucker Carlson, who said last week, ‘You should never accept, uncritically, the imprecise conclusions of ….the “intel community.’’

The mantra-like repetition of the claim by our vaunted 17 intelligence agencies that the “Russians” colluded with the Trump campaign to affect the 2016 election, does not make it so. These are, after all, the same entities who insisted the North Koreans would not be able to launch a viable rocket for 3-5 years, that insisted Saddam Hussein was in possession of WMD, that there was no torture at Abu Ghraib prison, and that the government had no bulk data collection program, until Edward Snowden revealed otherwise. Our intelligence agencies have been politicized. I realize they are deeply unhappy over President Trump’s refusal to expand the proxy war in Syria and their failure to obtain the no-fly zone promised to them by Hillary Clinton, which would be an open invitation for World War III. That the intelligence agencies have continued to leak, to the detriment of President Trump, in violation of the law, is proof positive of their politicization. Members of this Committee have made three basic assertions against me which must be rebutted here today.


Roger Stone and Donald Trump
Roger Stone and Donald Trump

The charge that I knew in advance about, and predicted, the hacking of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s email,that I had advanced knowledge of the source or actual content of the WikiLeaks disclosures regarding Hillary Clinton or that, my now public exchange with a persona that our intelligence agencies claim, but cannot prove, is a Russian asset, is anything but innocuous and are entirely false. Again, such assertions are conjecture, supposition,
projection, and allegations but none of them are facts.

For example, Mr. Schiff, the ranking member of this Committee asked, “Is it a coincidence that Roger Stone predicted that John Podesta would be a victim of a Russian hack and have his private emails published, and did so even before Mr. Podesta himself was fully aware that is private emails would be exposed?” I want to know where I predicted this. Can Mr. Schiff read us the exact quote and source from where I predicted the hacking or Mr. Podesta’s email? Can Mr. Schiff even come up with a documented quote where I use Podesta and email in the same sentence — before it happened?

My Tweet of August 21, 2016, in which I said, “Trust me, it will soon be the Podesta’s time in the barrel. #CrookedHillary” Must be examined in context. I posted this at a time that my boyhood friend and colleague, Paul Manafort, had just resigned from the Trump campaign over allegations regarding his business activities in Ukraine. I thought it manifestly unfair that John Podesta not be held to the same standard. Note, that my Tweet of August 21,2016, makes no mention, whatsoever, of Mr. Podesta’s email, but does accurately predict that the Podesta
brothers’ business activities in Russia with the oligarchs around Putin, their uranium deal, their bank deal, and their Gazprom deal, would come under public scrutiny.

Podesta’s activities were later reported by media outlets as diverse as the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. My extensive knowledge of the Podesta brothers’ business dealings in Russia was based on The Panama Papers, which were released in early 2016, which revealed that the Podesta brothers had extensive business dealings in Russia. The Tweet is also based on a comprehensive, early August opposition research briefing provided to me by investigative journalist, Dr. Jerome Corsi, which I then asked him to memorialize in a memo that he sent me on August 31st, all of which was culled from public records. There was no need to have John Podesta’s email to learn that he and his presidential candidate were in bed with the clique around

In fact, FactCheck.org, a news organization funded by the Annenberg Foundation, reported, “There is nothing in the public record so far that proves Stone, a political operative and longtime Trump associate, predicted thePodesta email hack.”

Now, let me address the charge that I had advance knowledge of the timing, content and source of theWikiLeaks disclosures from the DNC. On June 12, 2016,WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange, announced that he was in possession of Clinton DNC emails. I learned this by reading it on Twitter. I asked a journalist who I knew had interviewed Assange to independently confirm this report, and he subsequently did.

This journalist assured me that WikiLeaks would release this information in October and continued to assure me of this throughout the balance of August and all of September. This information proved to be correct. I have referred publicly to this journalist as an, “intermediary”, “go-between” and “mutual friend.” All of these monikers are equally true.

In the March 20th public session of this Committee, Mr. Schiff asked former FBI Director Comey, “Are you aware that Mr. Stone also stated publicly that he was in direct communication with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks?” The way the question was asked was clearly designed to cast me in a bad light. I have never said or written that I had any direct communication with Julian Assange and have always clarified in numerous interviews and speeches that my
communication with WikiLeaks was through the aforementioned journalist. Again, Mr. Schiff is guilty of a false assertion.

The fact is that during the March 20th Comey hearing and many times subsequent, members of this Committee, and even Democratic nominee for president, felt that theycould go into the public square and make similar charges without any substantiation or basis in fact. Congressman Heck of Washington, stated, for example, “… we’ve heard about quite a few individuals in the Trump orbit who fell somewhere on that spectrum from mere naïveté, disturbing enough if this naïveté is a feature of those (who) were supposed to be running our country and foreign policy, to unwitting Russian dupes, to willing blindness, to active coordination. This rogues gallery includes those already fired- Roger Stone, adviser to Donald Trump…” This is the worst sort of neo-McCarthyism. To be clear, I have never represented any Russian clients, have never been to Russia, and never had any communication with any Russians or individuals fronting for Russians, in connection with the 2016 presidential election.

To pile on, in an interview on MSNBC on May 19, 2017, Congresswoman Speier felt compelled to say: “I believe that Michael Caputo is part of this cabal including Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, and others who had business relationships with Russia.” No, I do not have and I’ve never had any relationship with Russia or any Russian entity.

You have falsely accused me without any evidence – you should apologize today. One more apology I would demand in public, if she were here today, is from presidential runner-up, Hillary Clinton. Following the lead of the minority members of this Committee, in her new fiction book, she repeats the same false narratives about me as if they were the truth…they could not be further from the truth.1

And then there is Congressmen Eric Swalwell who, as reported in Newsmax, said, “From Roger Stone, we hope to learn the same things we learned from Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Don [Trump] Jr., and others who were particularly active in their dealings with Russians during the summer of 2016.” Has Mr. Swalwell read my exchange with the Twitter persona which he alleges constitutes collusion?

The exchange is innocuous at best. Since I had no other contact with Russians, what could he be referring to?

Finally, let me address this limited, benign, and now entirely public exchange with a persona on Twitter calling themselves Guccifer 2.0. While some in the intelligence community have claimed that Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian cutoutand that it is responsible for the hacking of the DNC servers, neither of these assertions can be proven by this Committee or the aforementioned intelligence community.

I wrote an article for Breitbart on August 5, 2016, in which I express my view that Guccifer 2.0 was not a Russian asset, at the same time reporting their claim taking credit for hacking the DNC. My only exchange with Guccifer 2.0 would begin on August 14, 2016, after my article appeared, and ran through September 9, 2016. Imagine my deep disappointment when Mr. Schiff purposefully conflated these dates before this Committee, reversing them to create the false impression that I had communicated with Guccifer 2.0 on Twitter prior to publication of the article questioning whether Guccifer 2.0 is a Russian cut-out. Shame on you Mr. Schiff.

Now that more information is in the public domain, the very question of whether Guccifer 2.0 hacked the DNC must be revisited in light of the VIPS report cited by The Nation.

As they concluded, “Forensic investigations of documents made public two weeks prior to the July 5 leak by the person or entity known as Guccifer 2.0 show that they were fraudulent: Before Guccifer posted them they were adulterated by cutting and pasting them into a blank template that had Russian as its default language. Guccifer took responsibility on June 15 for an intrusion the DNC reported on June 14 and professed to be a WikiLeaks source – claims essential to the official narrative implicating Russia in what was soon cast as an extensive hacking operation. To put the point simply, forensic science now devastates this narrative.” I am left to conclude that the President is right when he calls this Congressional investigation a, “witchhunt.”

Based on what we know now, it is clear that there was a foreign nation which was colluding with a presidential campaign in an attempt to influence the outcome of the . Therefore, I strongly urge this Committee to investigate the numerous, publicly documented contacts between Ukraine and the Clinton campaign, particularly in light of recent public reports that Ukraine is now providing sophisticated missile technology to North Korea.

Please do not continue to perpetuate falsehoods here today.



from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/roger-stone-official-statement-to-congress-on-russian-hacking/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/09/26/roger-stone-official-statement-to-congress-on-russian-hacking/


Roger Stone sets the record straight

By Roger Stone

Hillary Clinton is at it again. In her cool new book “What Happened?” she comes up with any number of people and institutions to blame for her stunning defeat. She seems to blame everyone but herself.

At the same time she recycles the lies of John Podesta claiming falsely that I knew about Podesta’s email being hacked in advance, that I knew the content of the WikiLeaks October disclosures and that my brief and now totally public exchange with somebody calling themselves Guccifer 2.0 is anything but innocuous, benign and meaningless.I have a feeling these questions will come up when I testify before the House Intelligence Committee next Tuesday. Let’s take a look at Hillary Clinton’s latest lies:

Page 345

“Then, on August 8, Trump’s longtime consigliere Roger Stone, who cut his teeth as one of Richard Nixon’s “dirty tricksters,” bragged to a group of Florida Republicans that he was in communication with a Assange and predicted that an “October surprise” was coming. This was a shocking admission, made in public, from Trump’s longest-serving political adviser. Stone made similar statements on August 12, 14, 15, and 18. On August 21, he tweeted, “Trust me, it will soon be Podesta’s time in the barrel. #CrookedHillary”. This was particularly notable because, as I mentioned earlier, we have determined there was a good chance that John’s email might have been hacked, but didn’t know for sure. Stone kept at it over the next few weeks, even calling a Assange his “hero.”

I wasn’t the only one who noticed. At the end of August, Harry Reid, one of the congressional “gang of eight” who are briefed on the most sensitive intelligence matters, wrote a letter to FBI Director Comey that cited Stone’s claims and asked for a full and thorough investigation. “The evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to mount,” Reid wrote.”

Allegation: Contact with Julian Assange and knowledge of the Podesta hack, plus Harry Reid confirmed it.

Response: I had no direct contact with Julian Assange about the Podesta emails or anything else, nor was I aware that his email had been compromised. John Podesta’s ticket was punched, simply put. He has a long history of running point for the Clinton’s on some of their most shady, illegal and profitable scams, I’m surprised he wasn’t exposed sooner, to be honest. Furthermore, the fact that Hillary Clinton uses mob-connected Nevada Senator Harry Reid’s analysis to “confirm” a Russian connection to Donald Trump is laughable. We are still waiting for Senator Reid and other members of Congress suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome to provide one sliver of evidence to prove their thesis.

FactCheck.org, a news organization funded by the Annenberg Foundation, reached the same conclusion when they reported, “There is nothing in the public record so far that proves Stone, a political operative and longtime Trump associate, predicted the Podesta email hack.”

Assange is a “hero”. He is a crusading journalist and the authenticity and veracity of the material he has published has never been questioned or disproved.

Page 347

“Meanwhile, Roger Stone continued to tweet warnings that WikiLeaks was preparing to drop another bomb on us, one that would destroy my campaign and land me in prison. He was such a bizarre character it was hard to know how seriously to take anything he said. But given what had happened already, who knew what other dirty tricks were coming our way.”

Allegation: My tweets warning of another truth bomb on the Clintons means I was behind the leaks.

Response: Being called bizarre by Hillary Clinton is like being called ugly like a frog! Hillary Clinton is so wicked and unable to accept the shame of her embarrassing defeat, that she sees a Russian around every corner and under every bed that Huma Abedin is not under. I don’t like Russian dressing, I don’t drink Russian vodka, have never been to Russia. I never head any contact with any Russians. The Clinton’s have been waiting on the other shoe to drop since they came into this world. I’ve said it before and will say it again… Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton would steal a hot stove. Unmasking your phony persona after decades of corruption, rape intimidation, and personal enrichment on the taxpayer tit is not a “dirty trick.” It’s an important public service, a patriotic action.

Page 357

“We now know there were many contacts during the campaign and the transition between Trump associates and Russians-in person, on the phone, and via text and email. Many of these interactions were with Ambassador Kislyak, who is thought to help oversee Russian intelligence operations in United States, but they included other Russian officials and agents as well.

For example, Roger Stone, long time trump political adviser who claimed that he was in touch with Julian Assange, suggested in August 2016 that information about John Podesta was going to come out. In October, Stone hinted Assange and WikiLeaks were going to release materials that would be damaging to my campaign, and later admitted to also exchanging direct messages over Twitter with Guccifer 2.0, the front for Russian intelligence, after some of those messages were published by the website The Smoking Gun.”

Allegation: Guccifer2.0 was Russian asset, therefore my contact with him proves Russian collusion re: Podesta hack.

Response: With regards to my contact with Guccifer2.0, it was benign and boring. No bloody glove or stained dress- and it comes six weeks after Wikileaks published the DNC material – meaning collusion with Guccifer 2.0 would be impossible. The claim of collusion is false based on the timing, content, and context of this now public twitter exchange. It’s often said that sociopaths project their guilt onto others by accusing them of behavior that they themselves are guilty of and Hillary Clinton without a doubt a screeching sociopathic loser. The only presidential candidate from 2016 with a confirmed and undeniable connection to Russia was Hillary Clinton. So, to deflect from her guilt and the hefty payday, she gins up this phony Russian collusion hoax. Most of the mainstream media is so stupid and fanatically obsessed with undermining Trump, so Clinton became a willing seller to an eager buyer. Thankfully the American people saw through her lies and she got walloped at the ballot box.

This article originally appeared on Infowars.

from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/the-latest-lies-of-hillary-clinton/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/09/25/the-latest-lies-of-hillary-clinton/


Finally, there is a “warts and all” biography of the most enduring American politician of the 20th century Richard Milhous Nixon written by an author with unprecedented access and insight about our 37th President’, New York Times Bestselling Author Roger Stone.

Stone and his co-author, award-winning investigative reporter Michael Colapietro, look at the totality of Nixon’s entire career utilizing stunning new information either suppressed or unknown by the mainstream media of the time.

Tricky Dick includes new and never before published documentation that the CIA infiltrated the original Watergate burglary team in order to purposely botch the break-in , that White House Counsel John Dean consistently lied about his true role in planning, execution, and cover-up of the Watergate break lying to Nixon about White House involvement for nine months and concealing ties between Dean and his wife and a high-priced call girl ring utilized by the Democratic National Committee to entertain visiting Democrat dignitaries.

Building on the blockbuster revelations of Roger Stone’s previous book on the Nixon’s presidency Nixon’s Secrets the longtime Nixon intimate and his co-author have added shocking new material that proves that the Watergate Special Prosecutor met secretly repeatedly and illegally with Watergate Trial Judge John Sirica in a successful effort to railroad Nixon and rig any appeal to a higher court.

Stone and his co-author Colapietro trace Nixon’ meteoric climb from his first race for the House in 1947, his dogged pursuit of Soviet spy Alger Hiss (classified Russian documents released after the fall of the Soviet Union prove Hiss was indeed a KGB Spy), Nixon’s bruising campaign for the US Senate in 1950, his improbable selection by General Dwight D Eisenhower to be vice president only six years after his election to Congress, the triumphs and humiliations of his vice presidential years, and his razor-thin loss of the presidency to John F Kennedy in 1960.

Tricky Dick: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Richard M. Nixon proves in intricate detail how the 1960 election was stolen from a surging Nixon, detailing voter fraud in both Texas and Illinois to a degree heretofore undocumented by political scientists and covered only by the New York Herald Tribune at the time.

These New York Times bestselling authors also detail Nixon’s reinvention of himself as “The New Nixon” and The greatest single comeback in American history which resulted in Nixon’s triumphant election as president in 1968.

Tricky Dick also dissects the military industrial complex unhappiness with Nixon’s end to the war in Vietnam, his historic strategic arms limitation agreement with the Soviets and his opening to China and the resultant plot to bring Nixon down in the scandal known today as “Watergate”.

Get your paperback copy today on Amazon.

from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/finally-the-definitive-nixon-biography/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/09/22/finally-the-definitive-nixon-biography/


Company has failed to report serious crimes

By Paul Joseph Watson

Uber has been banned in London partly in response to skyrocketing rapes by predominantly migrant drivers which the company did not report to police.

According to Transport for London, Uber’s license will not be renewed beyond September 30, with the first reason listed being the company’s “approach to reporting serious criminal offenses.”

This includes Uber’s failure to report rising numbers of rapes and sexual assaults by its own drivers.

Latest figures show that Uber drivers are now responsible for one sex attack in London every week, with sexual assaults by Uber drivers skyrocketing by 50 percent in just a single year.

This is undoubtedly connected to the fact that many of the drivers are from Muslim backgrounds, where “immodest” women are seen as easy prey. Many of the young women who hire Uber taxis late at night are drunk and in some cases scantily dressed.

Many Uber drivers are newly arrived migrants or “refugees” who don’t have to undergo the intensive training that traditional cabbies go through.

According to a letter written by Inspector Neil Billany, head of the Metropolitan Police’s taxi and private hire unit, Uber has “been made aware of criminal activity and yet haven’t informed the police.”

In one case, Uber continued to employ a driver known to have committed a sexual assault, before the same man went on to attack another woman.

Uber taxis are also not required to have CCTV installed in the back of the car like black cabs, putting young women at even greater risk.

The battle between black cabs and Uber in London has raged for years, but it has come to be seen in the context of the country’s overall struggle with mass immigration.

Black cabbies are predominantly white working class men, whereas Uber drivers are mostly Muslim migrants.

According to Transport for London, the majority of black cab drivers are white British, despite that demographic designation itself now being a minority in England’s capital city.

In comparison, the majority of private cab hire drivers (including Uber) are “Asian” (which mostly means Muslim) or African.

Although heavy regulation of companies like Uber is seen by many as anti-free market and protectionist, others see it as a necessary measure to ensure that the west isn’t flooded with cheap foreign labor.

“Another way of looking at Uber is as a blunt tool of globalism,” writes Oliver JJ Lane. “Enabling large numbers of migrants (and let us not fool around by presenting for a moment the vast majority of Uber drivers in London aren’t born abroad) to completely undercut the business of, and threaten the livelihoods of thousands of predominantly white, working class Brits who drive taxis.”


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

from Roger Stone – Stone Cold Truth https://stonecoldtruth.com/uber-banned-in-london-after-sexual-assaults-by-migrant-drivers-skyrocket/

from Roger Stone https://rogerstone1.wordpress.com/2017/09/22/uber-banned-in-london-after-sexual-assaults-by-migrant-drivers-skyrocket/